Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Free Write

In an effort to get back to writing, I'm starting a new feature. We'll see how long this one lasts. Essentially, it's a challenge piece. Find a picture on Flickr, and write about it. No editing, no saving, nothing. Just free writing in the blog itself. It shall be tagged 'Unscripted'. This was the challenge for many of the challenges I took part in, and I always found it interesting. Plus, it brings interest to some awesome photography.

Today's image

A picture taken in the 'Rain Room' of the Museum of Modern Art. Might just have to visit it someday.

A drop fell on the edge of the windowsill, signalling the start of the storm. The sky flashed, then let out a low rumble. The girl sighed, glancing up from the cradle of her arms. Another day stuck inside. She thought there might have been a reprieve this morning, when the clouds briefly broke and the sun shone onto the hard asphalt. But, sure enough, by lunchtime, the clouds had canvased the sky once again and darkened to an eerie gray.

It had been like this for days. Cabin fever was starting to set in, especially now that school was out for the summer, but it was a strange sort of fever. Not just restless, but dreary. As if their souls were slowly being sucked out, and they couldn't figure out what was happening. Even the delinquents had taken to their homes. The girl shook her head. Or perhaps it was just her imagination getting to her again.

She blew her bangs out of her eyes and straightened, turning her neck to work out the tension that had developed there. Another drop fell onto the windowsill, then another, and another, until the sky opened up and rain fell in sheets over the rows of apartment buildings. Sighing, she gripped the window pane and leaned forward to push the paint crusted window closed. Just as she was about to unstick it, she noted a figure on the street below. Frowning, she stuck her head out the window to get a better look. The streetlight reflected off the streams forming in the street, casting a strange glow around the figure. She squinted to try to make out the figures features and two more figures appeared, as if out of thin air. They stood unmoving, getting drenched in the pouring rain. The girl pursed her lips and shimmied her way out of the window onto the fire escape, then slowly made her way down the rusty ladders, always keeping her eye on the figures. As she got closer, the figures turned towards her. She slowed her pace, gripping the iron so tightly her knuckled paled under the strain.

"Who are you?"

One of the figures cocked her head to the side, and two more stepped out of the shadows to join the ranks. "There is no need to be afraid."

"You didn't answer my question."

The figure tilted her face towards the streetlight, allowing the girl a glimpse of her features. The girl gasped and slid down the rest of the ladder, paying no need to the flecks of old paint that scratched her skin.

"Julia!" The girl exclaimed, running and engulfing the figure in a bear hug. "Where have you been? What are you doing out here? You're no safe out here... the storm's only going to get worse!"

Julia patted her friend on the back and pushed her out to arm's length. "Don't worry. The storm won't affect us. You should get back inside now."

The girl shook her head vehemently. "Absolutely not. I'm not leaving you again."

Julia sighed and grasped the girl's shoulders with both hands. "Kandace, it is not safe here for you. You must--"

Her words were cut off by a flash of lightening, followed almost immediately by a boom of thunder, so loud it nearly knocked Kandace over. "Go! Now!" Julia ordered, facing the length of the street.

Kandace shook her head and looked down the street. Another group was forming, but instead of nearly blending into the downpour, they stood out like neon signs, glowing an unworldly orange. Kandace opened her mouth to speak, then snapped it shut. Taking a deep breath, she swiped the water from her eyes and watched as the orange group got larger.

"Kandace, now. Get back inside your home."

"Whatever you've gotten yourself into now, Julia, I'm not leaving."

"Let the girl stay. It's clear she isn't going to shut up until she does," a man called from behind them.

Julia pressed her lips into a thin line, her fist clenching in anger. "Fine, you can stay," she muttered through clenched teeth. "But don't say I didn't warn you."


That'll do for tonight, methinks. Got some interesting ideas floating around now. Who knows, maybe this will be my next NaNo project :)