Tuesday, July 8, 2014

On a roll!

As I mentioned before, I'm participating in Camp NaNoWriMo this month. Not going for the ultimate prize at 50K words, just trying to replace the words I lost when I cut the last several chapters of Hidden Souls in the editing process in May. So, I have a measly goal of 15K words.

So far, I'm almost up to 4K. Keeping mostly on track, falling behind every now and then, but not too bad. Word sprints are about the only thing keeping me up with my word counts, so I guess I can thank Twitter for something :)

Anyway, since I've written some more, I figured it's only fair to give you another teaser.


Brushing off her hands and knees, she moved to the door and wiggled the handle. Unsurprisingly, it was locked. Shaking her head, she pulled the screwdriver out of her sock gingerly pressed her ear to the door, and only heard the soft breathing and grunting of the guard who had been sitting there before. Her hand shaking, she slowly worked the screwdriver into the small hole on the lever knob, pulling the knob casing off the door. Smiling, she worked the screwdriver into the gap between the door and the trim of the handle, sliding it off and revealing the screws underneath.


My, my, what is 'she' up to? I admit, Sophia surprised me with this skill. I'm gonna have to go back and investigate just how she figured out how to remove a door handle where there are no visible screws. I also might end up trashing this scene, at least in part, because I'm not sure how it would make logistical sense--if she's really locked in the room, 1) is she going to be able to remove the door handle, especially with a guard just on the other side of the door, and 2) would that really help her?

Food for thought.