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All the works on this site are original; my fanfiction is posted elsewhere. I am not yet published, and keep going back and forth as to whether or not I want to try to get published. For now, this is my compromise, so others can read it, but I don't have to go through the hassle of submitting query letters and whatnot.

I have several projects right now. I continually get asked to describe these works, so here's a description of each of them. They are at various stages of completion, with various degrees of backstory. I go back and forth deciding whether or not to pursue publication with any of these works, but as of right now, they are still in draft stage.

Most of my works are young adult and of more of a fantasy bent. The one time I attempted to write erotica, we ended up skimming over the sex portions with a 'The next morning...' line. So don't expect anything too saucy (i.e. more than a kiss) in any of my works. At least for the time being.

Setting: Some town based loosely on the Denver area

Blanche has just lost her mother, and while going through the attic of her childhood home, she runs across a mirror. A magic mirror, to be exact. Little does she know that this mirror holds the key to her family's past, and threatens to disrupt the lives of everyone in town forever.

Hidden Souls
Setting: East Coast college town.

Sophia is an average college freshman. Or so she thought, until she sees the mayor's daughter get kidnapped in her dreams. Except, it really happened. Then there's this guy, who seems to be wherever she is lately, including in her dreams. Sophia suddenly finds herself facing a world completely different than what she previously thought, where magic and ghosts are real, and it's up to her to save the mayor's daughter, since she's the only one that seems to know where the girl is.

Reclaimed Souls
Sequel to Hidden Souls
Setting: East Coast college town

Sophia Carson is getting ready to start a new semester at college. Last semester, she had to deal with the kidnapping of the mayor's daughter and the disappearance of her roommate and best friend, Kate. Now, she has a new roommate, one that knows more than she lets on, and she's still trying to figure out why her ghost friend Michael hasn't 'moved on' yet. Meanwhile, there are strange things happening in town. People coming back to life, telling strange stories about limbo. Does this have anything to do with the events from last fall? And is there anything Sophia can do to set things right?

The Secrets of the Past
Setting: Western US mountains; village inhabited by the Native tribe Kamore (fictional).

Meira's father wants her to take his place on the Council of Elders. She doesn't feel ready yet, and feels frustrated at being forced to join the Council in the first place. So, she leaves her village on a spirit quest, determined to see what lies beyond the village boundaries, and learn a little about her father's past in the meantime. She runs into a cast of characters that challenge her in every possible way, finally emerging as the person she wanted to be.

Photo Magic
Preliminary Title. This WIP has only been planned, not written. A trio of cousins all have gifts that have been passed from generation to generation, all having something to do with photography. They all are struggling to find their place in this world, and are hampered by a curse that has plagued their family for centuries. Will they be able to break the curse?

While some works may be posted elsewhere on the internet (for various reasons), all content on this site is mine (that is, I retain the copyright). Thus, if you wish to post it elsewhere, you must first have my explicit consent.

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