Saturday, July 20, 2013

Keep on Keeping On

I have not dropped off the face of the Earth. I'm actually quite busy from a writing perspective. I'm working on editing Hidden Souls, which is proving to be even more difficult than I anticipated. But, I'm currently 80 pages into it, which I think is the furthest I've gotten really doing editing. I mean, I made it all the way through Meira's Journey, but that wasn't fixing the story, just doing writing edits.

But I've changed the direction of the story so much that the rest of the manuscript is going to be a bear to get through. I have to figure out which scenes to cut, and which to just modify. With any luck, I'll be done by the end of September. I'm currently without Internet, else I'd pose teasers, but that's a bit more difficult when my edits don't sync up to Dropbox. I should be getting it within the next couple weeks, though, so look forward to that.

Wish me luck!