Friday, November 2, 2012

NaNo Day 1 and 2

So, I didn't write anything on NaNo Day 1. I have a good excuse! I was working all day (until 5), and then I had to study for an exam I had today. Since I was bad and slacked off on studying the past 4 weeks, I had a lot of studying to catch up on.

But, I'm over halfway through catching up today, now that my exams are done. Only another 600 or so words in the next 3 hours (then I have to leave for dinner, and then an afterparty... I'm a busy girl, after all) and I'm set. I think I can manage that. Maybe I'll even get a bit ahead for tomorrow.

Since I'm still getting to know my characters, today you get an excerpt. This is from the Prologue, where we first meet Ms. Blanche. Enjoy!

She pulled out several pieces of old, crumpled newspaper, dated back to before she was born. Frowning, she rummaged through the box until she encountered a solid object. It was wrapped in the newspaper, much like dishes were wrapped in preparation for a move. She unwrapped it slowly, feeling a combination of anticipation and some unfounded sense of anxiety.

As she pulled back the paper, she revealed an antique appearing comb, the type used for hair decorations in the Victorian times or earlier. The silver had tarnished considerably, but she could make out the beautiful filigree pattern on the top of the comb, twisted into the shape of a rose. She brushed her fingers over it gently, her mouth relaxing into a small smile. Setting the comb onto the table gingerly, she continued to explore the contents of the box. The next object she pulled was much more solid and heavier. She turned the wrapped object over in her hands for a moment before opening it.

Any ideas on what the second wrapped object is? (Fallon, no cheating :P)

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