Sunday, May 27, 2012

Six Sentence Sunday #4

I'm late in posting this week, only because I didn't have a chance to edit during the week. So, I didn't get my name on the master list on Six Sentence Sunday. Ah well.

We're much further into the story now. Sophia is still having a problem accepting that Michael is real, but recently had an interaction with Grace in her dreams. Michael is making things more difficult by hiding his identity, which is frustrating Sophia to no end. Just before this scene, she was seeking the solace of her bedroom, and found herself (and Michael) out on a cliff overlooking her home town.

She smiled faintly and turned back towards the town, pointing to a spot in the distance. “My house is somewhere in that area,” she explained. “I lived here my whole life, right up until I moved away for college.”

He nodded. “Me too. Though I lived on the other side of town, towards the movie theater.”

The plot thickens! If you've read the character sketches posted here for Sophia and Michael, some of this should be clicking together a little more.

Tune in next week for another thrilling excerpt from Hidden Souls!

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