Sunday, May 6, 2012

Six Sentence Sunday #1

So, after deciding to pull out my rough drafts and dust them out in an attempt to edit them, I figured a little extra motivation might not be such a bad thing. So, I'm going to work on participating in Six Sentence Sunday every week. I will use six sentences from whatever draft I worked on throughout the week. They may be sentences I'm trying to rework, or the finished product after going through a second (or third, or tenth) time.

This week, I'm starting with Hidden Souls. This excerpt comes from the very beginning, and I'm not sure I'll keep this scene when all is said and done. It's my attempt at humor (and it's a pretty bad attempt overall), but I'm not sure it does much for character development beyond saying that Sophia doesn't want to date right now. Still, it was fun to write.

Anyway, enjoy.

Sophia sighed. “Just get me out of this and I'll forgive you. And don't try to set me up on any more dates for a while.”

Kate's pout instantly turned into a beaming smile. “That means I can set you up! Yes!”

You can see submissions from other authors at Six Sentence Sunday. WARNING: Some of the entries are on the more erotic side of things, so... beware.


  1. It makes me think Kate is going to be meddling more and Sophia is used to that. :) I enjoyed this. I'm curious about the situation Sophia is in and would love to see a little blurb about Hidden Souls if you continue with this next week. SSS is great. Glad to see you participating!

  2. Welcome to Six Sentence Sunday! It sounds like a fun story, even if it might need some work.

  3. @maeclair: I've added a summary to the new WIP page, but I'll definitely include one in next week's SSS. Thanks for reading :)

    @Carrie-Anne: Thanks for reading! It was definitely an interesting story to write, but it kept taking turns I wasn't expecting, so it does need a lot of work. Hence, the motivation to edit.