Sunday, May 13, 2012

Six Sentence Sunday #2

It's time for another installment of Six Sentence Sunday. Welcome to those visiting for the first time.

A reader last week asked me for a description of Hidden Souls. I'm so used to people I've talked up my blog to reading (and thus already knowing about my long term works) that I realized I didn't really have a description of the story anywhere. So, I've changed one of the pages up at the top to provide a summary of my longer stories (Works in Progress).

The basic premise behind Hidden Souls is a college girl finds out she can see ghosts and move about as a 'ghost' herself. The plot is centered around a kidnapping she witnesses in her dreams (not realizing that it wasn't a dream), and the tale spins out from there.

Last week's SSS post was a byte from the start of the novel, where Sophia (the protangonist) was arguing with her roommate, Kate, about going out on a blind date.

This week, we're a little bit more into the story. We're now at the point where Sophia meets Michael. Except that she isn't quite convinced that what she sees is real.

Jumping in surprise, she looked over her shoulder to see Michael standing here, scrutinizing her list. She snatched it up defensively and slid it into her back pocket. “You go to school here, huh?”

He slid into the seat next to her gracefully. “I don't go to school anywhere. I'm dead, remember?”

Thanks for visiting, and feel free to check out some of my short stories while you're here. As always, you can check out other Six Sentence entries here. Many authors write erotic fiction, so click the links at your own risk.


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