Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Cruising Along

Well, I think I got the climax of Hidden Souls re-written. I think. This is my third or fourth time working on it, so we'll see if it stands the test of time. Now I just have to link up to where I edited the rough draft with the climax and I'll be all set. My manuscript, including the bad ending, was sitting at 52K words, which makes me think that I should probably add in a subplot or two. But we'll see how it looks when I've tidied up the ending and added in some descriptions in other places.

Still debating whether or not to pursue publication, so I guess that would make a difference one way or the other.

I also found a place for Zach. I definitely think he'll be making a reappearance in Reclaimed Souls, but I tweaked him a bit and added him back in to Hidden Souls. So I can still have fun with him!

I got my schedule for the next year (July-June), and it turns out I have an easy July, and a moderately easy August, so maybe I'll join in Camp NaNo this year. At least for the word sprints and motivation to help me get parts of this book written. Or maybe to write Reclaimed Souls (possibly from scratch. We'll see).

As a thanks for sticking with me, I give you a very short teaser from the ending to Hidden Souls.


Sophia took a few slow, deep breaths and slowly pushed herself into a seated position. The ropes no longer bound her to the ground and she shakily rose to her feet, struggling to see anything in the room around her. "Hello?" She called out, tentatively moving her foot forward.


Sadly, any more than that and I'd give away some major plot points. Maybe next week, I'll give you another outtake. Or some background. Or something. I should probably get back to writing before I promise anything else :)

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