Friday, November 1, 2013

NaNo 2013: Day 1

Today is the official first day of NaNo. And surprisingly, when I went to access the site, it wasn't crashing on me. That's definitely a good sign. I got off to a bit of a weird start this month, because I had to work in the middle of the day, and then when I actually started writing, I realized I hadn't named one of my primary characters, which kept distracting me from just writing the scenes anyway. So yeah, not my finest moments.

Still, I managed to get up to 1139 words by midnight. Shouldn't be too hard to catch up tomorrow, since I have the first several scenes planned out. Still don't have a major conflict yet. I'm toying around with a couple ideas, and I think it'll be interesting to see where things go from here. I've also come up with a working title for this work. As you may remember, it's a sequel to Hidden Souls, so I'm calling it Reclaiming Souls. It'll probably change, but that's what I've got for now.

I'm going to go back to my practice from a few years ago and actually leave a teaser here everyday. They'll be short, but will all be from something I've written that day. Here's the first one for you:

“Did you live at home before?” Sophia asked, resuming her seat at her desk.

“Oh, no. My brothers are older—they're both grad students here. I lived in their basement. A step up from living with my parents, but not quite spreading my wings just yet. Their sloppiness finally drove me crazy though. There's only so many moldy pizza boxes I can pick up in a week without dying to get out of there.”

As if on cue, two men wandered through the door, each carrying a stack of boxes. “Oh, good, we found you. Stumbled into one of your neighbor's rooms by accident. She was rather accommodating, though.”

NaNo Stats:
Words today: 1139
Total Words: 1139
Words Remaining: 48861
Days: 1
Average words per day: 1139

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