Saturday, November 16, 2013

NaNo 2013: Day 16

Despite having several hours to myself, it took me a really long time to get into the swing of writing. I really think the setting has a lot to do with it, because I tend to be a lot more productive when I'm back in my bedroom than when I'm sitting in the living room with some background noise.

I had to skip over a chapter today, which is almost a first, because I had so many ideas for the following chapter that I didn't want them to flee out of my head. Of course, now I"m going to have to go back and add in a whole chapter, which will be difficult from a formatting perspective, and I'll probably throw something off in the subsequent chapters, but whatever. That's what editing is for, right?

Here's today's excerpt:

Deedee shrugged. “It’s your dream. You can either wake up, or we can risk staying in the dream world and just leave this… place.”

Sophia took a deep breath and imagined being back in her bed. She opened her eyes and frowned at Michael. “I’m not entirely sure how to wake up. I’ve always just… woken up.”

Michael and Deedee exchanged glances, then Michael pulled out a gun, pointing it at Sophia’s heart.

Sophia held up her hands slowly and started to back away, only to bump into one of the large wooden crates being held in the warehouse. “What are you doing?”

Michael shrugged and cocked the gun. Sophia closed her eyes tightly, her heart pounding loudly. A loud bang sounded and Sophia bolted upright in bed. She felt down her body quickly to assess for injuries, then slowly let out a breath. Deedee woke up gracefully, and Michael materialized before her. She glared and slapped him.

“The hell were you doing pointing a gun at me?” Sophia demanded,folding her arms across her chest.

I half did that scene for comic relief, and half because I couldn't figure out another way to have Sophia wake up from a dream without it seeming like she was capable of doing everything on her first try.

NaNo Stats:
Days: 16
Words Today: 2568
Total Words: 15,586
Words Remaining: 34,414
Average Words/Day: 978

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